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Automatic Rotary Tablet Press Machine 9 Stations For Making Candy Tablets

Automatic Rotary Tablet Press Machine 9 Stations For Making Candy Tablets

  • High Light

    pharmaceutical tablet press machine


    rotary tablet compression machine

  • Material
    Casting Steel
  • Name
    Tablet Press
  • Purpose
    Small Production
  • Product
    Tablet Or Pill
  • Manual
  • Raw Material
    Powder Or Granules
  • Station
    9 Stations
  • Place of Origin
  • Certification
  • Model Number
  • Minimum Order Quantity
    100000units per year
  • Price
    USD 0-3999 per unit
  • Packaging Details
    export plywood
  • Delivery Time
    5-8 working days
  • Payment Terms
    Western Union, MoneyGram, paypal, L/C, T/T

Automatic Rotary Tablet Press Machine 9 Stations For Making Candy Tablets

Automatic Rotary Tablet Press Machine 9 Stations For Making Candy Tablets


Rotary tablet press working principle and main structure:

1. Turntable structure: Turntable is the main actuator for the work of this machine. There are main components such as upper and lower bearing components, main shaft and turntable. The main shaft is supported on the bearing, driven by the worm gear, splined, and the main shaft is driven to rotate the turret.

2. Track mechanism: The track has a cylindrical cam and a plane cam composed of an upper track and a lower track, which are the trajectories of the upper and lower punches. The upper track consists of multiple tracks such as the upper rushing upper rail, the upper rushing lower rail, the upper rushing upper parallel rail, the upper rushing lower parallel rail, and the lower rail. They are fastened to the upper track disc respectively. The lower track consists of an undershoot upper rail, a lower thrust lower rail, and a fill rail. They are mounted separately on the lower rail seat.

3. Filling adjustment device: The filling adjustment is used to adjust the weight of the tablet. The filling adjustment mechanism is arranged inside the main body, and a moon-shaped filling rail can be observed on the plane of the main body, which is controlled by the action of the spiral to rise or fall to control the filling amount, and when the rotating disc is adjusted, the clockwise filling amount is decreased, and vice versa. Increase.

4, sheet thickness (pressure) adjustment device: adjust the sheet thickness (pressure) by adjusting the lower pressure roller up and down. The lower pressing wheel is installed in the groove of the main body, and is sleeved on the eccentric shaft, and the outer end is connected to the hand wheel. When the external hand wheel is adjusted, the eccentric shaft drives the pressing wheel to rise and fall, that is, adjust the sheet thickness (pressure), thereby The thickness and hardness of the tablet are controlled, and the upper and lower adjustment of the upper pressing wheel can also be used as an adjusting device, but it is not adjusted under normal circumstances.

5. Feeding device; the device is composed of a hopper, an adjusting screw, a feeder and the like. The feeder is a moon-shaped grid feeder that is mounted on a turntable. The gap between the feeder and the turntable face and the height of the hopper are adjusted according to the fluidity of the particles.

6. Transmission device: The transmission part of the machine is composed of electric motor, synchronous pulley and worm gear reduction box, test wheel and so on. The motor is mounted on the motor base of the master plate. After the motor is started, the power is transmitted to the reduction worm gear pair through a pair of timing belts. The electric speed is adjusted by AC variable frequency stepless speed regulation. Open the sides or the back door to directly observe and touch the parts.

7. Cover part: The outer casing of the machine is fully enclosed and meets GMP requirements. The upper part has four windows surrounding the city for easy cleaning and maintenance. The lower part is closed with a stainless steel door, which is normally closed and closed only when the dies are repaired and installed. A console is installed on the front of the machine. The tableting chamber and the machine drive section are separated by a stainless steel enclosure to ensure that the tableting chamber is clean and protects the drive components from powder contamination and corrosion.


ZP-5 ZP-7 ZP-9
module 5 7 9
Max. tablet dia. 12(10MM) 12(10MM) 12(10MM)
Max.pressure 40 40 40
Max. filling depth 15 15 15
Max. tablet thickness 6 6 6
Disc speed(r/min) 30 30 30
Capcity (pc/hr) 9000 12500 16000
Motor power(KW) 1.5 1.5 1.5
Dimension (mm) 450*460*950 450*460*950 450*460*950
Voltage 220/380 220/380 220/380
Weight 180 180 180