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Casting Steel 15KN 12mm Tablet Press Machine Lab / Small Production

Casting Steel 15KN 12mm Tablet Press Machine Lab / Small Production

  • High Light

    15KN Tablet Press Machine


    12mm Tablet Press Machine

  • Material
    Casting Steel
  • Name
    Tablet Press
  • Purpose
    Lab/small Production
  • Product
    Tablet Or Pill
  • Drive Type
    Maual Or Electric
  • Raw Material
    Powder Or Granules
  • Type
    Single Punch
  • Place of Origin
  • Certification
  • Model Number
  • Minimum Order Quantity
    100000units per year
  • Price
    USD 0-999 per unit
  • Packaging Details
    export plywood
  • Delivery Time
    5-8working days
  • Payment Terms
    Western Union, MoneyGram, paypal, L/C, T/T

Casting Steel 15KN 12mm Tablet Press Machine Lab / Small Production

High Efficiency Manual Tablet Press Machine 15KN Pressure 700 * 370 * 800



The single punching tablet press machine is a small bench-top electric continuous punching machine (can also be hand-pressed when there is no electricity), which can press various granular, crystal or fluid powdery raw materials into a round shape or a cylindrical shape. , spherical, convex, concave and other geometric products (such as square, triangle, ellipse, capsule, etc.), can also suppress products with text, trademarks, patterns, suitable for suppressing Chinese medicine tablets, western medicine tablets , calcium tablets, buccal tablets, spirulina tablets, milk tablets, candy tablets, effervescent tablets, chewable tablets, seasoning blocks, camphor pills (sanitary balls), aromatic tablets, disinfecting tablets, catalysts, fertilizer tablets, pesticide tablets, button batteries , electronic components, metallurgical powder ceramics, etc. Suitable for pharmaceutical, health care products, food, agriculture, chemical, electronic batteries, metallurgical ceramics and other industries as small batch production and scientific research experiments. This machine only installs a die, the filling depth and pressing thickness of the material can be adjusted, that is, the weight, thickness and hardness of the product can be adjusted. As long as different molds are replaced, different products can be pressed. The power source is convenient for hand cranking and electric. The machine is low in price, small in size, easy to operate, mature in technology, excellent in quality, factory direct sales, price concessions

★ Main use of single punch tablet press machine:
Single punching machines are widely used in pharmaceutical factories, pharmaceutical factories, bioengineering, food factories, health products factories, chemical plants, pesticide factories, veterinary medicine factories, etc. The machine has wide adaptability to materials and has good adaptability to non-sticky powder.
Pharmaceutical industry: Chinese medicine tablets, western medicine tablets, nutrient tablets
Food industry: candy tablets, coffee tablets, throat lozenges, chocolate beans, seasoning blocks
Health care products: mouth slices, milk tablets, calcium tablets, bee film
Electronic battery industry: electronic components, button batteries
Chemical industry: camphor pills, aromatic balls, fertilizer tablets, mosquito-repellent tablets, catalysts, disinfecting tablets, pressed powder
Metallurgical ceramic industry: catalyst, metallurgical powder particles, ceramic grains, metal sheets


★ single punch tablet press machine working principle:
The punch portion under the tablet press (with its working position facing upward) protrudes from the lower end of the middle die hole into the middle die hole, seals the bottom of the middle die hole, and fills the middle die hole with the filler by the feeder, and the upper punch The punch part (with its working position facing down) falls into the middle die hole from the upper end of the middle die hole, and descends a certain stroke to press the powder into a piece, and the upper punch lifts the hole. The undershoot rises to push the tablet out of the middle die hole, complete a tableting process, and the lower punch is lowered to the original position to prepare for the next filling.



Maximum tablet pressure 15KN
Maximum tablet diameter 12 mm
Maximum filling depth 12mm
maximum thickness of the tablets 6mm
Production capacity 6000tablets/hour
Dimensions 700*370*800
weight 45kg