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Rotary Pharmaceutical Tablet Press Machine ZP - 9 Automatic Pill Press

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Rotary Pharmaceutical Tablet Press Machine ZP - 9 Automatic Pill Press

China Rotary Pharmaceutical Tablet Press Machine ZP - 9 Automatic Pill Press supplier
Rotary Pharmaceutical Tablet Press Machine ZP - 9 Automatic Pill Press supplier Rotary Pharmaceutical Tablet Press Machine ZP - 9 Automatic Pill Press supplier

Large Image :  Rotary Pharmaceutical Tablet Press Machine ZP - 9 Automatic Pill Press

Product Details:

Place of Origin: China
Certification: SGS ISO CE
Model Number: ZP-9

Payment & Shipping Terms:

Minimum Order Quantity: 100000units per year
Price: USD 0-3999 per unit
Packaging Details: export plywood
Delivery Time: 5-8 working days
Payment Terms: Western Union, MoneyGram, paypal, L/C, T/T
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Detailed Product Description
Material: Casting Steel Name: Tablet Press
Purpose: Small Production Product: Tablet Or Pill
Manual: Yes Raw Material: Powder Or Granules
Station: 9 Stations
High Light:

rotary tablet compression machine


single punch tablet compression machine

  Rotary Pharmaceutical Tablet Press Machine ZP - 9 Automatic Pill Press


The rotary tablet press is a commonly used tablet press product. The product has the advantages of comprehensive functions and stable performance. The nozzle can absorb the dust generated during the machine rotation to avoid adhesive blockage. What are the main components of the rotary tablet press.

The following is a brief introduction to the main components of the rotary tablet press. I hope to help you.


Components of a rotary tablet press

1. Upper pressure wheel frame device

The upper cover is a whole casting, and the pressure wheel is installed in the groove, which is sleeved on the crankshaft, and the outer shaft end has a mechanical rod connecting the coil spring. When the pressure surface is pressed too much, the eccentric moment of the crankshaft acts to compress the spring. The distance between the upper and lower pressure rollers reduces the pressure, so that the safety of the protection member and the die can be safely used. The pressure is adjusted, and the rotating flower-shaped handle changes the length of the spring, so that the pressure of the spring is just enough.

2, the upper track device

The guide rail is in the shape of a disc, and the heat-treated rail piece is embedded around the shaft, and is fastened by screws. The groove of the upper punching tail runs along the convex edge of the guide rail, and has a trajectory lifting movement.

3, 19 hole turntable device

The turntable is a monolithic casting with 19 vertically aligned die holes. The hole device 19 is punched and placed on the fixed vertical shaft. The worm is driven during operation. The whole turntable holds all the dies for clockwise rotation. .

4, the drive shaft with clutch device

The drive shaft is horizontally mounted in the bearing bracket, with a worm in the middle, a test hand wheel at the front end, a conical disc clutch at the rear end, a handle control switch and a stop at the rear, and the clutch contact is transmitted by the pressure of the coil spring, if the load of the machine When the pressure of the spring is exceeded, the slip occurs so that the machine is not seriously damaged.

5, the feeder device

The drum cone bottom hopper and the moon return grid type feeder are used for feeding the pressure roller. The device of the feeder should pay attention to the plane to be calibrated to touch the surface of the turntable at the end of the collision, generally leaving a gap of 0.03-0.1 mm, and the gap can be adjusted by the pillar device. The powder quantity adjustment method has a knurling screw at the top of the hopper rack. In order to adjust the height of the hopper and control the flow rate of the powder, the height must be based on the size of the particles and the filling amount, and the accumulation of powder in the grid feeder can be observed. Do not overflow the amount to pass. After adjustment, tighten the knurled screws on the side.

6, the main body, the lower rail, the lower pressing device

The main body is a box shape, the rectangular groove is equipped with a pressing wheel, and a pair of heat-treated rail guides are mounted on the plane, and are fastened by screws. When the lower punch is in operation, its tail is embedded in the rail guide groove, with the groove The slope is used for lifting movement. The end of the rail guide has a round hole. It is covered with a circular area piece for the lower punching of the device. The lower pressing wheel is installed in the groove of the main body. It is sleeved on the crankshaft and the outer end of the crankshaft is mounted. The helical gear and the worm are connected, and the rotating worm rotates through the gear to make a slight rotation. When the eccentricity of the shaft is upward, the pressure roller rises, the pressure increases, and the thickness is thin, so as to control the thickness and hardness of the tablet. . The mark on the nameplate corresponds to the thickness of the tablet from 0-6. Since the helical gear has a self-locking action, it can be adjusted during operation, but after adjustment, the middle flower-shaped handle should be tightened.

7, filling adjustment device

The filling adjustment mechanism is arranged inside the main body, and a moon-shaped filling rail can be observed on the plane of the main body, which is raised or lowered by the action of the spiral to control the filling amount, and the scale of the dial on the disc is equal to filling from 0-45. The amount is 0.01 mm per grid. When the disc is rotated for adjustment, the filling amount to the right is increased, and the rotation is decreased to the left. The 0-15 gauge is placed on the right side of the disc as the filling amount, and the unit is mm.

8, machine base and motor device

The base is a three-dimensional square box shape, and the motor is mounted on the movable plate in the seat. When the speed is withering, the round hand wheel outside the rotating base is rotated. When adjusting, first turn the knurled nut in the center of the hand wheel and turn the hand wheel to rotate left. Rotate to the right. After adjustment, the knurled nut should be tightened. The machine is equipped with electric appliances. The front door is equipped with ammeter, push button switch and red and green indicator. When the power is turned on, the red light is on. Indicates that the line has electricity. When the motor is turned on, the red light is off and the green light is on, indicating that the motor is running normally. The ammeter is used to measure the load of the motor.

9, the suction device

The suction box is a rectangular parallelepiped, which is mounted on the left side of the machine base. There is a blower behind it. It is driven by a V-belt. The lower part is the powder storage room. The top is the filter room. There are 5 round filter bags in the air. When working, suction is generated, so that the fly powder generated on the die and the powder of the middle mold are sucked into the powder storage chamber through the powder suction pipe, and the gas is turned and passed through the filter bag, and the fine particles contained in the gas are left in the filter. In the powder bag, after using for a certain period of time, the filter bag may be blocked and lose its usefulness. At this time, it is necessary to stop, and the powder in the filter bag and the powder storage tray is opened, and the door and the powder tube are in the waist triangle. The device, where the joint leaks, will affect the efficiency of the powder.

10, C type stepless shifting wheel device

It is mounted on the motor shaft, and has two inclined bevels inside, which are supported by two coil springs on both sides to generate positive pressure. The shifting method is to move the motor so that the distance between the two wheels changes, and the V-belt is in the live piece. The radius is increased or decreased correspondingly in the slot, and the speed is changed due to the change in radius, thereby achieving a certain range of continuously variable shifting requirements.


ZP-5 ZP-7 ZP-9
module 5 7 9
Max. tablet dia. 12(10MM) 12(10MM) 12(10MM)
Max.pressure 40 40 40
Max. filling depth 15 15 15
Max. tablet thickness 6 6 6
Disc speed(r/min) 30 30 30
Capcity (pc/hr) 9000 12500 16000
Motor power(KW) 1.5 1.5 1.5
Dimension (mm) 450*460*950 450*460*950 450*460*950
Voltage 220/380 220/380 220/380
Weight 180 180 180


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