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High Performance Oscillating Granulator Machine For Food And Pharmaceutical / Extruder

High Performance Oscillating Granulator Machine For Food And Pharmaceutical / Extruder

  • High Light

    powder granulator machine


    pharmaceutical oscillating granulator

  • Material
    SUS304 SUS316L Food Grade GMP
  • Standard
  • Product
  • Cutter
    Speed Viable
  • Color
    Stainless Steel
  • Voltage
    380V 220V
  • Granule Size
  • Place of Origin
  • Certification
  • Model Number
  • Minimum Order Quantity
  • Price
    USD1900-3890 per unit
  • Packaging Details
    plywood or shipping container
  • Delivery Time
    25 working days
  • Payment Terms
    Western Union, MoneyGram, D/A, L/C, D/P, T/T
  • Supply Ability
    1000units per year

High Performance Oscillating Granulator Machine For Food And Pharmaceutical / Extruder

Pharmaceutical Machine / Extruder/ shear granulator/ Oscillating Granulator for Food and Pharma
Oscillating granulator Working Principle
Swing granulator/ pelletizer can be mixed powder was made of particles, can also be crushed dry bulk material into the desired granules. For the pharmaceutical, chemical, food, research institutes, laboratories, hospitals and small health care products plant small batch production.

It can make well stirred raw materials become granules of required size of crush the blocked raw materials small granules.

Material to be dried
The machine is applicable for pharmaceutical,foodstuff,chemical,solid drink and so on lndustries.

High Performance Oscillating Granulator Machine For Food And Pharmaceutical / Extruder
Technical Parameter

spec YK160 YK320
capacity 50-200 kg/h 50-400 kg/h
power 2.2kw 7.5kw
speed 65rpm 65rpm
sway angle 360o 360o
diameter Φ160mm Φ320mm
weight 450kg 750kg
overall dimension 1000×800×1300m 1500×1200×1500m

Prepare process 1.1 previously used in the production of raw materials for processing according to process requirements; 1.2 ready for raw materials used in production and a binder or wetting agent; 1.3 checking the quality of raw materials used in production meets the requirements; 1.4 inspection the shift clearance meets the requirements, all the utensils used in the production of container is clean. 1.5 ready already qualified verification of measuring instruments. 2. The mixing process raw materials into a mixer operating 2.1 container; 2.2 first start mixer, raw materials were dry-mixed; 2.3 mixing a predetermined amount of adhesive quality. Or according to process requirements corner binder while mixing granulation; 2.4 requirement is to be reached, stop the tilt release of soft material, then the soft material with splice car; granulation process 3. Operation 3.1 After mixing soft material, according to process requirements Shang Hao net. 3.3 granulated material mixing is complete, the remainder of the container; adding a small amount of soft material test, size meet the requirements before feeding; 3.2 granulated particles should always check the firmness of whether two long strips and tightness of the phenomenon clean; 3.4 Press "swing granulated clean standard operating procedures" for cleaning; 3.5 Fill in production, cleaning, clearance record. 4. Evaluation of the results of operations 4.1 Checking the appearance of wet granulation, shall comply with the requirements; 4.2 wet particle size, should comply with the requirements; process control process 5. Operation 5.1 Operating composite least two, review the feeding of raw materials or adhesives wetting agent names, numbers are consistent with the production orders; 5.2 mixing must be uniform production process; the process 6. Handling Precautions: 6.1 each feeding, only joined by container volume raw materials 2/3. 6.2 checking nets damaged, do not hand touch. We found a large piece of soft material or particles fall, the proof nets have been broken, the need to stop immediately replaced. When the machine in a foreign body, must take the hand, must be stopped excluded.
Item 7. The procedure used equipment, appliances goods raw materials, adhesives or wetting agents
Title swing granulation SOPs coding: PO-005-00 Page: 1/2 formulate approval date of enactment of the date of approval issued by the department of audit date GMP Office issued effective date number three distribution unit production unit granules / tablets / capsules