• Powder Feeding Spray Drying Machine with Optional Cip System
Powder Feeding Spray Drying Machine with Optional Cip System

Powder Feeding Spray Drying Machine with Optional Cip System

Product Details:

Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: Yutong Spray Dryer
Model Number: ZPG-100
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Detail Information

Spraying Desc Diameter: 50-340mm Max Evaporation Rate: 500 Kg/h
Dried Powdercollecting: ≥ 95% Feeding: Powder
Type: LPG Type Spray Drying Machine Power: 15Kw
Energy Consumption: Low/Medium/High Machine Material: SS304/SS316

Product Description

Spray Drying Machine is a highly efficient and energy saving equipment designed for drying various liquid materials into fine powder. It is commonly used in industries such as food, pharmaceutical, chemical, and cosmetic. The machine works by atomizing the liquid material into small droplets, which are then dried by hot air. This process allows for fast and uniform drying, resulting in high quality powder with minimal loss of nutrients and active ingredients.

Energy Consumption

The Spray Drying Machine offers three different energy consumption levels - low, medium, and high. This allows for flexibility in usage, depending on the specific needs and requirements of the user. The low energy consumption option is ideal for smaller batches or less demanding drying processes, while the medium and high options are suitable for larger batches or more complex materials.


The Spray Drying Machine is proudly manufactured by a Chinese factory, known for its high quality and reliable products. The factory has years of experience in producing drying equipment and is committed to providing customers with the best solutions for their drying needs. With advanced technology and strict quality control, the supplier ensures that the Spray Drying Machine meets international standards and exceeds customer expectations.

Dried Powder Collecting

The Spray Drying Machine guarantees a dried powder collecting rate of at least 95%, ensuring minimal waste and maximum efficiency. The collected powder is of high quality and can be further processed or packaged for use in various products. The machine also has a built-in dust collector, which helps to maintain a clean and safe working environment.

Spraying Desc Diameter

The Spraying Desc Diameter of the machine can be adjusted from 50mm to 340mm, allowing for versatility in the types of materials that can be dried. The adjustable diameter ensures that the spray of liquid is evenly distributed, resulting in uniform drying and high quality powder. This feature also makes it possible to dry materials with different viscosities and densities.

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