400V Rapid Mass Granulator

400V Rapid Mass Granulator

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Place of Origin: China
Certification: SGS CE ISO
Model Number: GHL

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Minimum Order Quantity: 1units
Price: USD1900-3890 per unit
Packaging Details: plywood or shipping container
Delivery Time: 25 working days
Payment Terms: Western Union, MoneyGram, D/A, L/C, D/P, T/T
Supply Ability: 1000units per year
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Detail Information

Material: SUS304 SUS316L Food Grade GMP Standard: GMP
Product: Granules Cutter: Speed Viable
Color: Stainless Steel Voltage: 380V 220V 400V 415V
Granule Size: 0.2mm- 2mm Principle: Rapid Mix And Cut
Name: High Speed Wet Mixing Granulator
High Light:

400V rapid mass granulator


415V rapid mass granulator

Product Description

380V 220V High Shear Mixer Granulator , Tablet Granulation Machine Energy Saving


High efficiency high speed shear mix granulator working principle


Energy consumption, low energy consumption (about double)


Weight appearance, compact equipment, light weight, high structure, heavy equipment (about 3 times)


The structure is simple, the maintenance of the mixing drum is carried out along the guide rail of the bed, the structure is complicated, and the maintenance is complicated.


It is convenient to open the cover, and can observe the current situation of granulation through the observation hole. It can be sealed and operated without oil and dust. The pot is lifted along the guide rail, and the stirring position is restricted by the material device. There is dust phenomenon (instantaneous), and the seal is easy to cause oil stain.


Linkage and boiling dryer linkage integration is difficult to integrate with other drying equipment


2. Manufacturing points of high-speed mixing granulator


The manufacture of high-speed mixing granulators (horizontal) should meet the following requirements in accordance with the GMP specifications and the corresponding process requirements for solid preparations.


2.1 Functional requirements for high-speed mixing granulators


1) The paddle is dry mixed with the material, and the binder is added and wet mixed. According to the characteristics of the material and the adhesive, the rotation speed of the stirring paddle ensures that the motion generates eddy current and the material is thoroughly mixed. At the same time, the material of the tumbling knife at the intersection of the granules is fully broken into granules.


2) The rotation speed of the stirring paddle and the granulating knife can make the material produce three-dimensional motion, and the particles collide, rub, and shear, making the friction uniform and detailed, and finally stabilizing the spherical particles. The mixing time, the speed of the stirring paddle and the granulating knife, the granulation quality after drying and the uniformity satisfy the requirements of the solid preparation process.


3) The mixing granulation process should be in the closed state, the whole process of mixing granulation (including feeding, mixing, cutting granulation and unloading, etc.) should work under the cleanliness of 100,000 or 300,000 grades, and ensure no foreign matter. fall.


4) The machine can be connected with the boiling drying or lifting feeding or vacuum feeder equipment.


2.2 High-speed mixing granulator overall structure and manufacturing requirements


1) Austenitic stainless steel is used for direct contact with materials, and non-metallic materials should be non-toxic, chemically resistant to chemical changes, and non-corrosive materials that do not absorb chemicals.


2) The granule cylinder is the upper conical cylinder. The bottom of the cylinder should be made by spinning the whole plate. The bottom of the cylinder should be provided with a cooling jacket to ensure that the cylinder does not heat up when it is stirred. The transition of the surface of the cylinder should be a circular arc transition, easy to clean, no dead zone for cleaning. Simultaneously,


The granule cylinders are all welded by argon arc welding, and both internal and external parts need to be polished. Especially, the internal surface polishing surface roughness Ra≤0.8μm ensures that the material will not stick to the wall surface.


3) The feeding port of the granulating cylinder body adopts the quick opening structure, the flange and the barrel body are welded to ensure no dead zone, the cylinder cover is easy to disassemble and open, and the feeding port and the cylinder cover gasket should be sanitary grade silicone rubber, sealed. The pad is easy to change, and the feed inlet and the cap structure should have corresponding airtightness. In addition, the discharge port of the granulating cylinder body adopts an electronically controlled discharge valve, and the valve plate gasket should be sanitary grade silicone rubber, and the entire passage surface of the discharge material is smooth, easy to clean, and has no dead angle of cleaning.


4) The stirring paddle adopts the bottom-rotating agitation. The welding adopts argon arc welding, and both need to be polished. The strength of the connection between the agitating impeller and the bushing should be increased to overcome the instantaneous torque. In addition, the distance between the bottom of the pot and the bottom of the stirring paddle is small (≤1mm) to solve the problem of material accumulation at the bottom of the pot. At the same time, the chopping knife adopts the side-mounted type, the blade is convenient to exchange, and the whole chopping knife assembly has no cleaning dead zone. Among them, the stirring drive shaft and the cylinder body are preferably sealed by air, and can be sealed by water sealing. The sealing of the stirring drive shaft and the cylinder and the sealing of the granulating cutter shaft and the cylinder should be reliably sealed to prevent the powder layer from entering and avoid cross contamination.


5) Austenitic stainless steel polishing tube for gas and water pipelines, using argon arc welding or quick opening connection. When necessary, the gas and water pipelines shall be provided with terminal filters. At the same time, the internal cleaning is convenient. The gas and water pipes can be connected to the shunt ring at the shaft. When the water vapor is converted, the water pressure can be sprayed to various positions of the cylinder to ensure that there is no blind zone for cleaning, and the drain port should be set at the lowest position.


6) Lubricants cannot be used on the surface of exposed parts, and the lubrication points inside the drive that need to be lubricated shall not cause any pollution to the exposed structure.


7) There must be a mechanical overload protection device. In addition, the compressed air line should be provided with a pressure relief or safety device.


2.3 Electrical and control requirements for high speed hybrid granulators


1) The speed of the stirring paddle and the chopping knife can be changed by at least two-speed motor. The speed range of the paddle is 30-500 rpm, and the speed of the chopper is 300-3000 rpm. It is best to adjust the frequency and speed.


2) For the two-speed simple control, the control is equipped with start, emergency, stop switch and fault display, and has current display and second gear motor shift display.


3) When the discharge valve or the drain is closed, the motor that stirs the slurry and the chopper can only run, and vice versa. In addition, the cleaning process can only be entered when the discharge valve is closed.


4) The electrical control should have a self-protection function to prevent damage to the equipment caused by misoperation. These include main motor fault protection and emergency stop protection.


5) For high-end configuration, it should be controlled by PL+ touch color LCD panel. The interface design is divided into manual trial operation interface and normal operation interface, and has a good man-machine dialogue interface. The interface dynamically reflects the main processes (feeding, mixing, cutting granulation, unloading and CIP). The process menu selection and parameters (mixing paddle and granulator speed, mixing and granulating time, CIP time, etc.) can be set to display the set parameters, actual operating parameters, and the cause of the malfunction, as well as the memory function.


2.4 Basic technology and verification requirements for high-speed mixing granulator


1) Operating noise ≤ 75dB (A);


2) The speed of the stirring paddle and the granulating knife is in accordance with the process requirements of the corresponding solid preparation;


3) Mixed granulation speed, in line with production requirements;


4) The mixing granulation time is in accordance with the process requirements of the corresponding solid preparation (generally 10-15min/batch);


5) The speed of the stirring paddle and the chopping knife is in accordance with the process requirements of the corresponding solid preparation;


6) Yield >99%;


7) The particle size range of the granulated product is Φ0.17mm-Φ0.83mm (20 mesh-80 mesh) (or according to the process requirements);


8) After drying, the granulation quality should be spherical, uniform in particle size and good in fluidity.


3. Brief introduction of the influencing factors of high-speed mixing granulation mechanism


Generally speaking, the particles prepared by wet mixing granulation are irregular in shape, uniform in particle size distribution, and the structure is better than other conventional granulation processes, but the granulated finished product involves many factors, and its influence is now Brief description.


3.1 The influence of the stirring paddle and the cutting knife speed


It can be said that the size and distribution of the particle size are directly related to the rotation speed of the stirring paddle and the cutting blade. When the cutting speed is slow, the particle size becomes larger, while the rotating speed is faster, the particle size becomes smaller; when the stirring paddle rotates slowly, the particles The particle size is small, and the particle diameter is large as the rotation speed is fast, and the two functions are opposite.


3.2 Effects of mixing, granulation procedures and time


Because in the operation of the high-speed mixing granulator, the rotation of the stirring paddle causes the material in the pot to roll to the space, so that the material of the bottom of the pot is thrown along the wall of the pot. This action pushes the soft material to the quick cutting knife one by one, and is The particles are cut into different sizes, and are rounded and gradually spherical as the particles roll over each other for a while. It can be seen from the above that the speed and time of the stirring paddle and the cutting blade affect the particle size of the granulation.


3.3 Influence of materials and concentration


In wet mixed granulation production, alcohol granulation or dextrin binder is commonly used for granulation, and the adhesion of the two is somewhat different. It is common to use alcohol to make granules. The granules are small and fine, and easy to dry. This is because alcohol does not have viscosity, and it has a loose effect. It is ideal for granulation of Chinese medicine with high viscosity. When the paste is used to refine the granules, the granules produced are large and coarse, and the drying is slow. This is because the dextrin is sticky and has a polymerization effect, and the medicinal preparation having no viscosity is preferred.


In addition, whether it is diluted with concentrated extract as a material or a material using dextrin or other binder, when producing smaller particles, the slurry concentration of the material can be thinner. When larger particles are required, the material is The slurry concentration can be slightly stronger.



Technical Parameter

Type A B C×D E F
50 320 950 1250×800 970 1650
150 420 1000 1350×800 1050 1750
200 500 1100 1650×940 1450 2050
250 500 1160 1650×940 1400 2260
300 550 1200 1700×1000 1400 2310
400 670 1300 1860×1100 1550 2410
600 750 1500 2000×1230 1750 2610


Name Type
50 150 200 250 300 400 600
Volume L 50 150 200 250 300 400 600
output capacity kg/batch 15 50 80 100 130 200 280
admix speed r.p.m 200/400 180/270 180/270 180/270 140/220 106/155 80/120
admix power kw 4/5.5 6.5/8 9/11 9/11 13/16 18.5/22 22/30
cutting speed r.p.m 1500/3000 1500/3000 1500/3000 1500/3000 1500/3000 1500/3000 1500/3000
cutting power kw 1.3/1.8 2.4/3 4.5/5.5 4.5/5.5 4.5/5.5 6.5/8 9/11
compressed air consumption m3/min 0.6 0.9 0.9 0.9 1.1 1.5 1.8
weight kg 500 800 1000 1300 1800 2200 2600


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