3mm Revolving Granulator

3mm Revolving Granulator

Product Details:

Place of Origin: China
Certification: SGS CE ISO
Model Number: ZL

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Minimum Order Quantity: 1units
Price: USD2900-3890 per unit
Packaging Details: plywood or shipping container
Delivery Time: 25 working days
Payment Terms: Western Union, MoneyGram, D/A, L/C, D/P, T/T
Supply Ability: 1000units per year
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Detail Information

Material: SUS304 SUS316L Food Grade GMP Standard: GMP
Product: Cylinder Granules Cutter: Speed Viable
Color: Stainless Steel Voltage: 380V 220V
Granule/pellet Size: 1-3mm Cylinder Granules
High Light:

3mm Revolving Granulator


1mm Revolving Granulator

Product Description

Mirror Polished Revolving Extruder Granulator 1 - 3mm Cylinder Granules Low Maintenance


ZL series revolving extruder granulator

Pesticide water dispersible granule (WDG) production equipment

Pesticide water dispersible granules were developed in the 1980s as a new dosage form. Because of its good safety, no pollution to the environment, and the advantages of traditional pesticide formulations, it is considered to be an important direction for the development of pesticide formulations. WDG has become one of the most promising products in a new generation of pesticide formulations. Water-dispersible granules are a new pesticide formulation developed in Europe and the United States in the early 1980s. Also known as dry suspension, the International Federation of Pesticide Industry Associations (GIFAR) defines it as: particles used after disintegration and dispersion in water. Agent. The water-dispersible granule is mainly composed of an active ingredient of a pesticide, a dispersing agent, a wetting agent, a binder, a disintegrating agent and a filler, and has a particle diameter of 200 μm to 5 mm, and can rapidly disintegrate and disperse after entering water to form a high suspension dispersion system.

1. Compared to EC, WDG can produce a highly concentrated pesticide formulation that does not require dissolution.
2. Compared with WP, WDG produces little or no dust (in use), which reduces the toxicity during operation. The product does not flow, making metering more convenient.
3. Compared to SC, WDG is easy to package, which makes handling easier. Moreover, the product does not precipitate.


The shape, size and performance of the particles vary completely depending on the production process.
1. Fluidized bed boiling granulation:
Spraying the aqueous solution of the wetting agent onto the pre-pulverized mixture of the original drug, the dispersing agent and the filler (the mixture is suspended in the fluidized bed), and bonding to each other to obtain the spheroidal spherical particles, and using the same equipment dry.
This method is characterized by granulation shape and irregular size (500-1000μ).
2. Spray drying (materials have high melting point):
The original drug, dispersing agent, wetting agent, disintegrating agent, diluent and the like are ground in water to obtain a desired fineness, and other additives are added to adjust the concentration and viscosity to obtain a slurry for spraying. The slurry is metered into a drying tower for spray drying.
The particles obtained by spray drying are generally hollow and are perfect spheres. (80 to 200μ) This method has a high investment in equipment and is suitable for a large amount and continuous production.
3. Mixing-Rotating Granulation-Fluidizing Bed Drying-Screening Production Line:
After the various auxiliaries and the original drug are thoroughly mixed, 7% to 10% of water is added simultaneously, and granulation is carried out in a rotating disk. The particles are substantially spherical or short cylindrical. The size is between 0.8 and 2 mm, and the pellets are made to be dried by a continuous fluidized bed dryer.

3.1 Rotary granulator advantages:
3.1.1 This machine is equipped with variable frequency speed regulation, with special air-cooling device, which can effectively and uniformly cool the whole granulating screen and granulating knife and materials, avoiding local cooling and blocking the mesh, and granulating the viscous and heat-sensitive materials. Cooling and separation are obtained, and the chassis is provided with a water cooling device.
3.1.2 This machine adopts double seal at both the granulating knife and the pressing knife to reduce the dust and foreign matter from entering the body of the deceleration chassis and biting the bearing.
3.1.3 Using a special-shaped grinding knife to improve the processing technology of the granulating knife, thereby reducing the heat of the material and reducing the pressing force between the knife and the screen, thereby prolonging the service life of the screen.
3.1.4 The machine is easy to discharge, no need to manually clean, can automatically discharge. Save labor costs.
3.1.5 Simultaneously improve the structure of the reducer and the structure of the whole body, so that the machine has less noise during operation, stable operation and compact structure.

Technical Parameter

Size of milling knife(mm)
JLZ-80 JLZ-300 JZL-350
Diameter of granule(mm) Φ0.8-3.0
(it may be in accordance with the requirements of costomers)
(it may be in accordance with the requirements of costomers)
(it may be in accordance with the requirements of costomers)
Overall dimesions(mm) 450×300×450 880×640×1200 1300×800×1400
Power of motor
0.18 5.5 11
Weight(kg) 25 400 780

Production capcity(kg/h)

100-300 250-600

Note:Becaise the rae materials exist in difference,the output in the table is for reference only.]


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